Cashflow forecasting

Cashflow forecasting

Cash flow is the blood of a business. Good cash flow management helps to ensure that your business runs smoothly. Therefore, understanding cash flow is the key to running a successful business.

It is important that every business understand expected inflow and outflow of their cash; in other words, they are aware of their projected income and expenses within a restricted timeline, lasting yearly, quarterly’s or even monthly. We can do this by a process called cash flow forecasting. It helps to predict future cash flow of the business and aids in taking a step forward in the right direction. The process of Cash Flow forecasting is useful for taxation management, new investment decisions, smooth run during the down time, and to look for possible business opportunities.


We help our client preparing cash flow foresting such as expected sales, expected expenses for next 12 months based on past records, current situations and future plans.  By compiling the forecasting, we help our clients to make decisions in the worst case scenarios.

Why is cash flow management important for your business?

  • It increases productivity as you spend less time dealing with Receivable/Payable and more time for customer service and new ideas for business development
  • Cash on hand allows access to the liquidity to handle fluctuations in day-today business needs.
  • It assists re-investing into your business and helps you expand your business for more opportunities.
  • It helps to reduce high interest rates debt by paying off while avoiding potential late fees.