Book keeping service

Book Keeping Service

Using our booking keeping services, you are able to track the progress of your business to potentially further increase your profits by saving money and time. We ensure that you lodge your BAS and PAYG on time; you pay correct superannuation contribution and we make sure that you are not under claiming or over claiming your GST.

We offer Onsite / Offsite Bookkeeping Services at a reasonable rate. We assess your situation and determine what best suits your business.

Onsite Bookkeeping Services is an excellent option if you have organized your files and data on your own computer and have space ready to work in your office. This is an ongoing relationship between us. This service is ultimately designed to bring your books up-to-date.

Offsite Bookkeeping Services is easy as well as convenient. When we receive the necessary paperwork, we manage and process them accordingly at our office and return them to you upon completion.

What are the Benefits of using our book keeping services?

  • Management of customer and supplier accounts to track deposits and payments.
  • Smart Business decisions by identifying money making opportunities and avoiding cash flow Problems.
  • Eliminate potential fraud that may be occurring in your business.
  • Compliance with the law meaning if audited you have necessary paperwork and up-to-date record keeping.